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1 Franklin Mills Blvd,

Philadelphia, PA 19154


Natasha Mae's Banquet Facility Take a Tour

4446 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124



To Natasha Mae's Enterprises

Book any one of 2, of our Banquet Facilities for Your Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or Other Occasion. From Weddings to Business Meetings, Our Banquet Hall Will Work Well for You. Business Meetings. Anniversary Parties. Birthday Celebrations. Catering & Event Packages. Amenities: Up to 150 Guests, Customizable Packages, On-Site Event Planning, Free Wifi, Modern A/V Equipment. This one of a kind event hall will also make you feel at home convient parking and indoor banquet facility space when your big day comes around! Please check out the details and be sure to let us know how we could provide this unique venue that would keep everyone happy and saticifies That day and Forever More!

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Natasha's Heavenly Designs

Natasha's Hevenly Designs has deep roots in Philadelphia Pa. Floristry has been running through this family-owned and operated business since the 2000. Loved for our spectacular in-house designs and unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest materials.

Natasha's Hevenly Designs also maintains a reputation of dedicated service and enthusiasim. There’s truly something here for every budget and occasion.

Hands down, one of the best floral design companies in Philadelphia. 

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